Smart Gate Automation

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Innovator Name:

Dr. Vivek V. Jog

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Project Objective:

To automate GATE operation using IoT and solar energy


It is observed that manual opening and closing of domestic gates is cumbersome, especially for a person who is to drive in or dive out in rainy season. So, we have implemented an idea of atomization of all such existing gate operations using traditional solar energy. Most important
thing is that, this system is an attachment that easily couples with all type of already installed existing traditional metal gates. This has proved to be a big leap in reduction of the cost of system to the customer. Cost of the components that make up the system is decided based on
the size and torque requirement. Use of cutting edge IOT technology has enabled assembling and disassembling a matter of 60 to 120 minute. Manual operations are supported by default and hence this system is viewed as an additional facility rather than water tight security. Mobile
based APP is provided that helps to operate gate as and when required. This app communicates with the Gate system using end to end encryption and is a standalone system, hence will be completely secured against cyber-attacks. Packaging of the assembly is such that it is water and fire resistant. This system is mounted near the gate hinges (depends up on the space availability on site) considering minimum wear and tear and ease of maintenance.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

i. Fully solar based
ii. App based as well as manual operations.
iii. Quick and hassle free installation
iv. Works on existing traditional swing gate
v. Simple secure and easy to maintain

Innovative Approach:

IoT based automation approach has enabled use of solar energy and ease of app based operations. This not only eliminates use of remote control device but a big savings can be achieved by use of existing gate on as is where basis is. This project is now a big challenge to all existing players which are catering automation services on specific structured (sliding rail) gates at very heavy price (in lakh)

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