Rapid Prototyping Lab is equipped with the latest technology and tools, like an advanced 3D Printer and a powerful Laser Cutting Machine, the lab allows innovators to freely tinker around with ideas until they can refine them to the point of idealisation.


To develop the spirit of innovation further, Rapid Prototyping Lab invites Students, Startups, Innovators, Research Faculty & Entrepreneurs to innovate, conceptualize, and scientifically shape their ideas.


Our mission is to support prototyping and make it affordable for Students, Startups, Innovators, Research Faculty & Entrepreneurs who require the necessary support in converting Ideas into scalable products.


Sudip Faldesai

The Mastermind

Gaurish Samant

"I know a guy" Guy

Dr. Suraj Marathe

The King Maker

Satyesh Kakodkar

Siddhant Panjikar

Maker: The 3D Baker

Rajdutt Kenkre​

The Drone Guy

Joel Pacheco

The Silent Jack

Rajay Naik

The All-In-One

Valencia Fernandes

Haroon Sayed

The Chatter-preneur

Deepam Lotlikar

The Techsmith


The Brand Ambassador