Description: Modern lithophanes were first produced in Europe during the 1820s. Their name comes from the greek words litho and phainen which mean “to cause to appear.” The original process to create lithophanes, called email ombrant, was first developed by a Frenchman named Paul de Bourging in 1827. A Brit named Robert Griffith Jones bought

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Dental Mould

Made for Dr Description: The mould is used for educational purpose. It is used to demonstrate how the various tooth diseases appear and how to perform operations on it

Hexacopter Drone

Name of innovator/s: Description: A small remote-controlled aircraft like a helicopter, with six blades that go around on top, used especially to film or photograph things from the air. A hexacopter is a type of drone.

New Zuari Bridge Scaled Down 3D Model

Build for Dilip Buildcon Ltd Description: The Zuari Bridge is a bridge between and South Goa, India. It carries the NH 66over the tidal part of the Zuari bridge, between the villages of Agaçaim and Cortalim. It is the 2nd longest and widest cable-stay bridge in India. The model of the new bridge is made

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Fitness Konnect

Name of innovator/s: Project aim: Fitness bandDescription: the watch purpose was to get the health related data of athletes to mobile app and give feedback of their performance.

Design and fabrication of automated food grain packaging system

Name of Innovator/s: Cavell noronha Sclive Raikar Danjoy D Silva Kilbern pereira Abliton Remedios Guide: Prof. Sanjeel naik ABSTRACT:Many small-scale food production business and Grocery Store owners do the process of weighing and packaging their product manually. Small and Medium scale food production business owners who particularly sell items like ‘Chiwda’, rice ,dal etc has

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Cinematic FPV Drone

Name of innovator/s: Rajay Naik, Rajdutt Kenkre Contact Number: +919422852413 Abstract: Three inch drone with duct to protect propellers and allow drone to fly near bushes and trees without entangling through trees.

Coconut Harvester Robot

Unique Registration Number: 333 Project Objective:  The Objective of our project is to create a mobile operated coconut harvester robot operated via Bluetooth. The main objective is to replace the use of joysticks and remote control-based system with Bluetooth technology to control the robot. Our project focuses on a light weight design that is portable,

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