Karna – Semiautonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for Military and Tactical Operations

Unique Registration Number: 321

Innovator Name:

Saiesh Patil
Vighnesh Naik
Ankit Karapurkar
Vihang Pathak

Contact No: +919075740213

Contact Email: ankitkarapurkar444@gmail.com

Project Objective:

The defense sector has to carry out reconnaissance missions to hunt the enemy troops and maintain safety and peace within the region but in some regions they have to pass through the dense tunnels where there is a danger of being attacked by the enemy troops. The purpose is to
develop a system which could not only work in reconnaissance missions but also provide help in transportation of payloads from one base camp to another.


Semi-autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is designed and developed for some application specific missions to operate predominantly in hazardous environments developed for the military purpose. Our prototype UGV is built to undertake missions like border patrol, surveillance and in active combat both as a standalone unit (automatic) for payload transportation as well as in coordination with human-soldiers (manual). A person from a remote place can comfortably control the motion of the robot wirelessly (manual mode) and in situations where manual control is not prudent, the vehicle is capable of reaching the pre-programmed destination on its own (autonomous mode) via GPS way-point missions. A teleoperation link is created from the remote station to the UGV to control the maneuverability of the UGV

Project Outcome/result/findings:

Innovative Approach:

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