Design and Development of Multi-Purpose Vibration Test Rig

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Innovator Name:

Shri Sharvil Prasad Prabhu
Shri Ramchandra alias Gaurav Govind Sinai Nevrekar
Shri Vivian Nickson Viegas
Shri Lincoln Gandhi Veigas
Shri Suhail Mustafa

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Project Objective:

The objective of the project is to design and develop a multipurpose vibration test rig that will be capable of performing experiments on Force Transmissibility, finding Resonance frequency, Finding up to 2 natural frequencies of SM system and fault detection in rotating systems


Any machine during its operation generate vibration due to the dynamic forces acting on it because of the operating conditions, structure and aging of the machine. These vibrations may create noise, abrasion in the machine parts, mechanical fatigue, degrade performance, transfer to other machines via floor or walls and may cause complete shutdown of the machine. For students, in order to better understand the implications of vibration, applications and importance of vibration testing and analysis, this modular multi-purpose test rig is an important tool. The intent of the approach to design a multipurpose vibration test rig is to enhance the knowledge about vibration and its characteristics, to provide practical experience to engineering students. The test rig facilitates the means to conduct the study of concept of Resonance in a system.

Force Transmissibility, finding Natural Frequency of a Spring Mass system and Fault Detection in rotating systems in a modular setup also capable of studying the effects of mass and spring rate . Open source code will be used to integrate the serial bus communication circuit and acquire data from the accelerometer sensors. Using Fast Fourier Transform, the data collected and processed will be used for vibration analysis to understand the characteristic amplitudes of vibration and its components at the most prominent machine elements. it is important to assess the quantity of vibration generated and transmitted during their true operating conditions.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

Progress till date
i. Design of individual experiments.
ii. Selection of components and accessories.
iii. Procurements of components.
iv. Fabrication of frame for setup of the experiments.
v. Currently coordinating with the assembly of components.

Innovative Approach:

The concept of a modular design will be applied to enhance the test rig ability by identification of problem and related engineering characteristics and narrow down the gap of theoretical and practical aspects of vibration by performing the experiments

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