Smart Agriculture Using IOT

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Shri Amatya Katyayan

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Project Objective:

To automate the traditional practices of farming, with the help of IoT and AI, to be able to produce crops in better Quantity and Quality, in areas as small as a House Garden or Terrace, as well as areas as big as a farm, with a minimum or no need for human presence on site.


We plan to revolutionize the concept of building Smart Polyhouses in the field of Farming, which includes the designing of the Polyhouse to provide the combined benefits of both the existing Shade net and Plastic Polyhouses, and automating the Polyhouse to support the growth of plants from seed to feed.
A 2018 survey by has stated that the percentage of workers in the agriculture sector would drop to 25.7% by the year 2050, whereas the demand for agro products will only increase in the due course. Climate change and other factors have made the traditional methods of farming either ineffective or inefficient. Most of the crops are seasonal but their demand in the market exists throughout the year.

As the era of new technologies and automation is emerging in the world, it’s but natural to automatize the agricultural industry as well. While doing so, IOT can play a very important role in agriculture. We are visualizing an IOT and smart agriculture system using automation. In addition,
we would create an intelligent environment using some tools and maintain the conditions using IOT sensors capable of providing information about the agriculture field.
Today the World is understanding and accepting the concept for need of Smart farming. This project will allow farmers to control field conditions like temperature, soil moisture, irrigation, and intensity of light using an Advanced IOT app. The application put in use will be automated using AI, which will eliminate the need for human intervention.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

It has been observed that the plants when subjected to specific environmental conditions friendly to their growth, bloom to their full potential. The factors involved are mainly soil moisture, air humidity, temperature, light, and soil fertility. In the videos enclosed, the growth of the plants (Tomatoes and Chilies) has been shown in different conditions with dates. The plants were kept at different places, exposing them to varying intensities of light. It was found that the amount of energy transmitted for the plant in a particular direction may vary according to the color and
intensity of the light

Innovative Approach:

This project involves the use of the latest technologies of IoT like Soil moisture indicator, temperature indicator, camera, lights, irrigation system and so on. Efforts are being made to use AI in such a way that minimum human interference will be required to operate the system. It is also being kept in mind that the system created has a User-friendly Interface. The created system will have the scope of multi-directional improvement to accommodate future inventions innovations and smart products

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