Unique Registration Number: 381

Innovator Name:

Anit Chand
Pramod DS

Contact No: +919986008154

Contact Email: workanit@gmail.com

Project Objective:



The percentage of individuals suffering from lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is increasing. With the outbreak of COVID-19, patients with serious lung infections require immediate and a long-term oxygen supply until hospitalization.

For rural India, we need to quickly address oxygen requirements and aim at using a safe, low-cost, easily available, and replenish able source of oxygen of moderate purity.

  1. This is possible by building a self-sustaining oxygen concentrator (pressure swing adsorption with multiple molecular sieve technology) capable of delivering oxygen at constant flow rates.
  2. People who immediately need oxygen for the treatment of hypoxemic conditions can use this within the home setting under the recommendations and guidance of a physician and thus help sustain life until alternate help or hospitalization occurs.
  3. This will specifically reduce burden at hospitals and clinics, especially in the rural areas where not only the availability of physicians, nurses and healthcare staff is low, but also the number of healthcare centers and hospitals and their reach are relatively lower.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

The initial stage of Approach, Design and Procurement of materials were completed, except for a main component. The Bill of Materials (BoM) was duly submitted to GSInc.

A major component called the ZEOLITE Molecular Sieve was purchased vide Voucher number: BCPI/187/20-21 using the funds which were provided by GSInc.

A crucial component called the Pneumatic Solenoid valve (Refer Item # 3 in BoM) was not available in the market with any of the leading vendors. Other components were made available and constructed, however the circuit and integration of the Prototype could not be completed for the following reasons:

  1. Non availability of a key pneumatic component (the specific model was still in Beta mode and hence could not procure)
  2. Team non availability (due to the long wait, the team had to be dismantled)
  3. Cost of the overall project (overall cost of materials was beyond the stipulated cost of initial prototype)

The Prototype Project currently stands stalled as the Primary objective of the Pressure adsorbent separation could not be fulfilled due to the above stated reasons. We welcome investors and engineers to take over this project and documentation and we can provide any assistance and materials required for this prototype project to be completed.

Innovative Approach:

In the first version, a solution which is low-cost, portable, home-use, high purity, small sized, low on noise and affordable to common households was targeted.
In future versions, a revised model having

  1. Extensible and replaceable Zeolite Sieves
  2. Battery Operated
  3. Environment Adaptable
  4. Predictive RoX index
  5. Integrated Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory Rate indicators were planned

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