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Innovator Name:

Prithvi Amonkar
Rehan Khan
Saiprasad Parab
Raj Sawant
Mahesh Naik

Contact No: +919764189629

Contact Email: prithviamonkar@gmail.com

Project Objective:

Objective of our project is to implement Automatic railway Track Failure Detection System using ultrasonic sensor and GPS Module.


Indian Railways is one of the largest networks in the country. Its motto is “the lifeline of the country”, and the main transport is completed by the railways of the country. I believe that the railroad is one of the cheapest and safest means of transport, but there are also certain accidents on the railroad. 60% of accidents are caused by rail road failures or the formation of cracks in the road. Today’s rail systems involve manual track inspection, which is cumbersome and not entirely effective. However, the detection and correction of track defects are a problem for all railway companies in the world. The objective of this project is to detect railroad track failures using ultrasonic sensor and GPS Module where once the crack is detected by the ultrasonic sensor the location is can be captured by the GPS Module . Track maintenance follows traditional batter packing methods, but in most cases, trackers check for track defects by hitting the rod on the track judging the sound it makes. This method is completely based on experience and is not very accurate. The project also involves the implementation of road maintenance strategies with the help of failure mode effect and analysis To avoid accidents, safety components are more necessary.

Railroad failures must be detected as early as possible to avoid significant loss of life
and property caused by the derailment. The project investigation will help maintenance
engineers solve railroad track failures and maintenance problems cost-effectively.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

The final prototype model was placed on the track made of aluminum C channel for the purpose of testing the failure on the track. The coordinates of location where crack has been detected were sent to the web App and the location can be seen on map . Along with Location being shown on the map, the actual values of coordinates can also be Recorded from the web app. The latitude and longitude Values of the cracks detected during testing.

Innovative Approach:

The current detection system that is used by the railways is done manually. In our prototype model detection is done automatically with the help of ultrasonic sensor used for detection of failures. Our model does not require to be manually operated as it is motored. Also the advantage is after detection of the failure the exact location can be captured with the help
of GPS module and the latitude and longitude and can be noted down which will be useful during the maintenance of tracks.

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