Unique Registration Number: 386

Innovator Name:

Viddesh S. Padiyar
Sharvari N. Chanekar
Saeesh G. Pangam
Vaibhav M. Naikoji

Contact No: +919307872675 / 9552831366

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Project Objective:

  1. To make the system accurate enough so that cleaning and sanitizing can be done remotely by hospital staff without coming in contact with patients.
  2. To make it user friendly so people from all age groups can operate it with same ease when used in areas other than hospitals such as households or office premises.
  3. To make it lightweight and smaller in size so that it is easy to store and carry whenever required.
  4. To discard use of external wires to improve its reach without physical boundaries like wires and also improve its appearance.
  5. To give it an all in one feel by making its components detachable and re attachable from main assembly with same ease so that it would be useful even when only one of the tasks is to be performed.
  6. To make it multipurpose in use by not restricting it only to spray sanitizers but to also make it able to spray any liquid like soapy mixture , fragrance liquid depending on density of the liquid.
  7. To also give it a self-responding ability at some extent by using a sensor so as to avoid certain forthcoming obstacles on its own when not made to change its path by the operator.
  8. To make it low maintenance and economical in its segment as compared to other existing products having similar or some of its features.


  • The project is a wireless remote controlled moving vacuum cleaner and sanitizing machine with an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection.
  • The overall machine can be battery powered or rechargeable. The sanitizer gets sprayed at regular intervals at given angle while the vacuum cleaner can suck in almost every considerable bit coming on its way (metal bits, dirt and non -metallic objects).
  • The vacuum cleaner and sanitizing machine both components can be detached and used individually in different places.
  • It can be used in any premises, majorly in hospitals, hotels. Even if not for this, it can be still used to clean and spread scent in rooms.
  • It’s a complete package within itself which is long lasting , user friendly and affordable in its segment

Project Outcome/result/findings:

Vacuum cleaner efficiency

  • Vacuum cleaner functions efficiently on full charged 12 v battery for 20-25 minutes.
  • With increase in battery capacity the working time of vacuum cleaner can be increased. But overall weight should be while doing so. With increasing weight on car, the speed can reduce and over increase can damage the gear motor attached to tires.
  • De-attached vacuum cleaner can be used with similar ease.
  • Also, with the use of DC-DC boost converter the suction power can be increased.

Sanitizing machine efficiency

  • Sanitizing machine functions efficiently on full charged 12 v battery for 30-35minutes.The distance covered by the sprayer is almost 30-50 cm.
  • Due to the fault in power window motor, it does not attain the required rotating speed. It takes up to 9v as input which does not create enough pressure for spraying the liquid. Thus we were incompetent to find the spraying intervals and the actual speed
    of rotation.

Innovative Approach:

  • Considering the virus stays in air , it reduces the risk of infection to the cleaning staff in the contaminated areas (hospitals , covid centre).
  • Addition of sanitising unit adds to the benefit
  • It is detachable hence can be used individually
  • Ultrasonic sensors prevent damage due to collision
  • Easy to operate and transport and budget friendly

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