Construction Material From Iron Ore Tailings

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Shri Satyesh Kakodkar
Smt Jasmine Karapurkar
Shri Divyesh Naik
Shri Uddhav Mulgaokar
Shri Saishwar Naik
Shri Sanat Mhapne

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Project Objective:

i. To tackle environmental impacts caused due Iron Ore Tailings on air and water.
ii. To replace sand partially or fully in concrete. Extraction of sand has caused environmental effect and hence its required for alternative material.
iii. To utilize the Construction and Demolition waste in concrete.
iv. To manufacture a green, sustainable, durable and economically viable product by using Iron Ore Tailing and solving air and water pollution.


The infrastructure industry is booming in the state of Goa, leading to increased demand for concrete, which leads to over extraction of sand. The availability of sand is a major issue due to ban by environmental enforcing authorities. There is mismatch between supply and demand is leading to skyrocketing the price of sand and other materials.

Disposal of iron ore tailing and low-grade ore is a serious issue of concern in the state of Goa. In this iron ore tailings which are causing environmental hazards will be utilized thereby solving one major issue (land, water and air pollution). The local fields as well as air and water of the surrounding area get polluted due to these tailings.

To tackle this issue, attempts will be made to utilize Iron Ore Tailing in manufacturing of concrete. The physical and chemical properties of the iron ore tailing have been analyzed and it is observed that the Iron ore tailing can be used as construction material. Different Trials will be carried out to find out exact percentage of tailing which can be used in concrete. In the research attempts will be made to use mine waste and manufacture the products which are economically viable

Project Outcome/result/findings:

i. The physical properties analyzed in the laboratory have shown positive results and hence we can use Iron Ore tailings in construction as one of the materials.
ii. The physical tests like Sieve Analysis, Specific Gravity, Moisture Content, Atterberg Limit, Optimum Moisture Content using Modified Procter Test, Permeability of soil.
iii. The chemical analysis is also carried out wherein Fe, SiO2, Al2 O3, MgO, etc. are also analyzed.

Innovative Approach:

Apart from IOT, C & D waste is also used in our project by which we are also tackling the issue of disposal of C& D. The efforts are put in to reduce the cost of manufactured product and make it more environmental friendly.

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