Design intervention – paper bag that can Carry a weight upto 10kgs

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Sachin Gangadharan

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Introduction :

Every supermarket gives out hundreds, if not thousands, of carry bags each & every day. However most of the time, these carry bags are not designed to sufficiently carry heavy weight. Despite an increase in plastic bans around the world, there have been no design interventions in the space of paper bags or paper packaging to improve its quality or decrease its per piece price. We are here to bridge this gap. Our specially designed bags are the future of paper bags that can carry real weight, including wet items & are 100% recyclable.

Our product tackles the issue of paper bags that are not strong enough to carry weight and wet items. This is done through the innovative design of the reinforced center fold as opposed to the traditional paper bag structure. It is designed as an every day usable object rather than something meant only for the elite conscious consumer, yet it is aesthetically pleasing. Humble bag is Bio-degradable and 100% recyclable.

Support expected in future:

We would like to secure patents on our rest of the products there for giving a road map to achieve this would be great.

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