Hot Cup Spillage Protector

Unique Registration Number: 307B

Innovator Name:

Shri Chitresh Kansal

Contact No: +917838056412

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The hot cup spillage protecting device aims for providing protection against spilling of hot fluids while carrying them. The device aims for provide protection to small children, blind persons or elderly whose hands shake. The device defines a roofless enclosure having absorbent pads therein to soak the fluid. The enclosure has three walls fixed while the one wall has openable door.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

i. We have been contacting many manufacturers nearby.
ii. They have been demanding very high price more than 70,000 INR.
iii. One manufacturer we found, has agreed to make one prototype in 20,000 INR, however his manufacturing plant was shut down due to Covid-19.
iv. Hence, the prototyping is under process

Innovative Approach:

We are using stainless steel to make the project so that expenses are low

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