Veterinary device for heating and cooling the body of animals to get their temperature back to normal in an accelerated time frame

Innovator Name: Mr. Tejas Barve

Contact No: 8080586846

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We have Designed and developed two devices which we are currently using for Treatment which helps us in regulating the animals temp in a faster rate and gets it back to normal body temp of animal within a very short amount of time.

This machine when used in a high fever case cools the saline fluid to a specific temp and then this cold fluid enters the animal body Intravenously which then goes into the heart where all the blood from all the parts of the body comes and mixes with this cold blood fluid mixture thereby cooling the core body temp and then the remaining parts of the body come back to the normal temp. The same phenomenon happens when the body temp is below normal and needs to be brought back to normal using the saline heating machine.

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