Unique Registration Number: 149

Name of Innovators/s: Deepak Kolur

Address: Ponda, Goa

Contact Number: 9158585810

Contact Email ID: deepak.kolur123@gmail.com

Project Objective:

UV Tunnel effectively disinfects food products, packaging and tools


UVC integrated in an automated machine that transports items from one side to the

other can be a solution for disinfecting large volumes of items. The disinfection tunnels

are all custom made. The size of the item, the disinfection rate as well as the machine

requirements are key to the machine design.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

Every government in India or abroad are trying their best to fight with the present corona

virus crises , by developing efficient cleaning methods , use of dis infection liquids , moping

, water jet cleaning, wiping etc. But even after some many useful methods there is a 50

percent chance that resistant virus and bacteria still remain on the transport surfaces , plus

other newer pathogens enter the transport system through the luggage, plastic bags , cloth

bags , card-boxes etc therefore it is a must that at such train stations , airports , bus stations

all in coming bags should pass through uv disinfection conveyor , so that in minutes of time

bags can be disinfected.

Innovative Approach:

UV light is a form of radiation is classified into three primary types: ultraviolet A (UVA),

ultraviolet B (UVB), and ultraviolet C (UVC). The Uv forms are based on the measure of their

wavelength, which is measured in nanometers. UV radiation covers a range of wavelengths

and is divided into three bands: UVA (315-400nm), UVB (280-315nm) and UVC (<280nm>).

The Uvc light radiations are harmful , but if used in a correct way it is useful in numerous

ways ,especially when it comes to killing and destroying unseen bacteria and virus.

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