Guide: Prof. Gaurish Samant

Group Members:

1- Sahil Chitrapur

2- Keenan Cardozo

3- Akshay Batule

4- Nirbhay Borkar

5- Shahul Ahmed

Institution name: Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

Contact Number:+91 7411357170

Email: samantgaurish@gmail.com


The demand for portable oxygen supply for the COVID 19 patients needing oxygen supply has been tremendously increased during this pandemic also leading to black marketing of available devices producing medical oxygen. The available oxygen cylinders have limited portability due to their size and weight that results in restricted mobility of the patients and the cryogenic distillation units which needs a high capital cost and cannot be afforded by medium and small scale hospitals. The available oxygen concentrators are mostly being imported or either assembled in India which comes at a very high cost to the customers pocket and also weren’t reliable due to the high moisture content in the coastal region. For a daily demand of 10,000 oxygen concentrators India was just able to produce 90 oxygen concentrators and amid this increasing number of cases of COPD, COVID-19 and Pulmonary lung disease everyday medical companies have begun to face the shortages. So there exists a need to develop a low cost oxygen concentrator for personal and medical application having the capability to adapt and operate in the Indian environment. Also there was a need of continuously monitoring the oxygen concentrator’s purity remotely.

Pressure swing adsorption method (PSA) a clean technology that uses the differential affinities of various components of an air mixture and separate out the various components from air through adsorption generally carried out at relatively low pressure. The oxygen produced is having concentration between 90 to 96 percent and flow rate.

varying from 5-20 litres per minute and can be utilised for oxygen therapy. Concentrators working on pressure swing adsorption method occupy very less space and have a high portability having a complete simplicity and automation while in operation. Since the data can be remotely monitored, manned attendance during operation is not required. Units working on Pressure swing adsorption can be easily integrated into the existing air system and have a longer operational life and a low operational costs.

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