Using VR Box for improving customer Experience in building construction industry

Unique Registration Number: GSIC-415

Innovator Name: Akhilesh Bhise

Contact No: +917972447075

Project Objective: To create a virtual environment for Architectural designs

Contact Email:


As we know that the construction designs are really vast in terms of planning and scheduling, we believe that the use of technology for construction design plays a vital role. In order to avoid the hassles in the construction process in the mega projects and phasing and scheduling them out I’m a systematic manner, we made use of digital platforms for the benefit. As the Project size increases the possibility of creating errors also tend to build up, considering the magnitude of the Project. Hereby, the process becomes challenging to handle manually. Also, in terms of designs, once finalized, cannot be changed post construction. As there is a huge cost involved in a construction Project, the errors need to rectified in the design stage itself. Hereby we made use of VR and 360 camera so that we could see the building designs beforehand.

Project Outcome/result/findings: We managed to create a virtual environment using computer design and viewed in VR

Innovative Approach: (in 50 words)

We integrated the VR and 360 images to give a view of architectural designs before the building was being built. It also helped us in planning and phasing in of the building projects

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