Innovator Name: Vailan De Souza

Contact No: +91: 9881253391

Project Objective: A machine for turning PET bottles into printable filament.


PETamentor is an innovative solution aimed at addressing the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste while simultaneously promoting sustainable manufacturing practices. This abstract provides an overview of PETamentor, focusing on its ability to convert plastic bottles into 3D printing filaments, thereby contributing to the circular economy and reducing the ecological footprint of plastic waste

The exponential increase in plastic consumption has led to a significant rise in plastic waste,
causing severe environmental pollution and resource depletion. PETamentor seeks to tackle
this issue by harnessing the potential of discarded plastic bottles and transforming them into
high-quality 3D printing filaments. The process involves collecting plastic bottles and subjecting
them to a series of mechanical and chemical treatments to break them down into smaller,
recyclable components. The resulting material is then processed into filaments suitable for 3D
printing applications. PETamentor incorporates advanced recycling technologies and quality
control measures to ensure the production of filaments that meet industry standards and exhibit
desirable properties

By converting plastic bottles into 3D printing filaments, PETamentor offers several advantages.
Firstly, it reduces the reliance on virgin plastic materials traditionally used for filament production,
thus conserving valuable resources. Secondly, it provides a sustainable alternative to single-use
plastic bottles by transforming them into useful products with extended lifespan and functionality.
Additionally, PETamentor contributes to waste reduction and promotes a circular economy model
by reintroducing plastic waste back into the production cycle

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