Using a plug and play device we can monitor vehicleperformance, tracking, and other safety features

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Project Objective:

Develop a connected car system utilizing IoT principles, enabling seamless communication
between vehicles and various devices for improved safety, security, and navigation.
Implement sensors in cars to collect and share real-time data regarding road conditions, engine
status, location access, and other relevant information, contributing to a comprehensive network
of connected vehicles.
Utilize the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus protocol over the thread and matter architecture
to establish a reliable and efficient communication infrastructure for data exchange among
connected cars.
Reduce the frequency and severity of car crashes by leveraging the collected data to identify
potential hazards, alert drivers, and implement preventive measures, thereby enhancing overall
road safety.
Integrate post-crash measures within the connected car system to facilitate rapid emergency
response, such as automatic distress signal transmission, location sharing, and remote vehicle
immobilization, enabling prompt assistance to accident victims.
Optimize fuel consumption and promote eco-friendly driving practices by leveraging IoT
capabilities to monitor and analyze vehicle performance data, providing personalized feedback
and recommendations to drivers for more efficient fuel usage.
Demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed connected car system through
rigorous testing and evaluation, considering real-world scenarios and diverse road conditions

Ensure compatibility and interoperability of the developed system with existing infrastructure, standard protocols, and future advancements in IoT technology, facilitating scalability and widespread adoption of connected car solutions.
Raise awareness and educate drivers, car manufacturers, and regulatory bodies about the benefits and implications of IoT-enabled connected cars, fostering a collaborative effort towards safer and smarter transportation systems.
Continuously improve and enhance the connected car system based on user feedback, technological advancements, and evolving industry standards, aiming to create a sustainable and future-proof solution for the automotive sector

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is making human life easy in all aspects. IoT is an abstract idea, a notion which interconnects all devices, tools, and gadgets over the Internet to enable these devices to communicate with one another. IoT finds application in various areas, such as intelligent cars and their safety, security, navigation, and efficient fuel consumption. This project puts forth a solution to achieve the desired outcome.
A connected car is one that has its own connection to the Internet, usually via a wireless devices inside and outside the car. In this context, we will propose to develop a system that connects to the sensors in cars. These sensors in cars will collect data about other vehicles and sensors embedded in cars about road conditions, engine status, location access, etc. This will be achieved
using Controller Area Network bus protocol over thread and matter architecture. Life without transportation is impossible to imagine; it makes far off places easy to reach and greatly reduces the travel time. But the problems which surface due to the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road cannot be ignored. The project aims to eradicate a few of the major reasons for car crashes and also aims to integrate post-crash measures.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

We have successfully developed our initial prototype and conducted testing on a Maruti 800 vehicle. The prototype includes features such as accident detection, remote control of car functions via a mobile app, real-time monitoring of location and speed, and maintenance reminders for the vehicle. These advancements provide convenience, safety, and efficient car management accessible worldwide through an Internet connection

    Innovative Approach: (in 50 words)

    This project innovatively leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect sensors in cars, enabling real-time data collection on road conditions, vehicle status, and more. Using advanced communication protocols, it aims to enhance car safety, prevent accidents, and integrate post-crash measures, ultimately improving the overall driving experience.

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