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Unique Registration Number: GSIC-495

Innovator Name: Gunjan Joshi

Contact No: +91008756426

Project Objective: Development of IoT enabled smart material handling equipment and housekeeping equipment

Contact Email:


In the present context of typical warehousing, one person moves material around, usually known as loader, while another person constantly moves along with the loader, guiding him what to take, what to put, where to put etc and at the same time updating data to keep track of inventory and storage space availability. This person is usually called a warehouse supervisor or a warehouse executive

This gives rise to 3 problems:

  1. You always need two people for such an operation, when it can be done by just one.
  2. The work gives a very menial job feeling (to the loader)
  3. Inefficient operation as the turnaround time is high

This project aims to integrate IoT with material handling equipment’s such as hand pallet trolley or electric stacker to create a WMS on the go with real time flow of information with regards to physical flow/storage of material inside a warehouse or manufacturing setting.
Parallelly, this system can also be used to track periodic maintenance of the material handling equipment based on usage/running of equipment, something which is not practiced in the industry.

Project Outcome/result/findings: (in 50 words

Current status: Development of smart MHE requires two-way communication, of which one way has been developed using Arduino platform. This one-way system can be deployed for smart housekeeping equipment. Currently testing it

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