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Innovator Name:

Shreemi Panandikar

Contact No: +919822719944/8275070511

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Project Objective:

To make Innovative Products like Table Tops ,False ceiling , Partitions by RE-USING the Negative waste which cannot be RECYCLED


Various Industrial Waste cannot be recycled which poses a Big threat to our Environment and my objective would be to RE USE the same and create A GREEN innovative product which is much more durable, economical and having high aesthetic value. (Refer Word file attached for the overall process and output)

Project Outcome/result/findings:

3 layers may be necessary to obtain a completely smooth surface which can be called sandwiching in which layer 1 is a clear layer of hardened chemical ,layer 2 is a smaller coat to allow the waste particles to stick to the surface and harden and the third layer would be another clear layer to cover up and produce a finished smooth surface

Innovative Approach:

Around 2400 trees are cut either in the name of Development or to make various furniture’s This innovation can help Reduce the Burden on Mother Earth by Reusing the Waste which is abundantly available in the environment and Not using Wood for making various Ply furniture’s. This product can be a Substitute for Ply tables and create a Revolution in itself.

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