Name of Innovator/s:

1. Rajay Naik (Project leader)

2. Delsy Mendes

3. Sharath Kumar

4. Rudraksh Sardesai

5. Pranay Tari

Guide: Pravin Verekar

The project involves construction of a drone inspired by insect flight. The drone
will be based on replicating dragonfly. Dragonfly flies moving its wings for-
ward and backward. During the forward stroke, the wings are tilted at roughly
45 degrees with respect to the horizontal, thus pushing down on the air, which
exerts an upward force, or lift, on the insect. During the backward stroke, the
wings are flipped over to 135 degrees so that they continue to push down on
the air and generate lift. Based on the flight dynamics of the insect, our drone
will be designed and built. Our insect drone will be scaled up by nearly a fac-
tor of 5. We will evaluate different mechanisms for generating wing motion
and select the one suitable for our drone. The structural parts and the wings
have to be made of light material with enough stiffness and correct flexibility
to give good performance during the flight. Estimated weight of the drone will
be around 150 grams. A flight controller will be used for wing motion control
and flight control.

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