Group members

1. Chaittanya haldankar (L)

2. Abhishek ghadge

3. Pratik kerker

4. Anstel Fernandes

5. Vishwesh Naik

Project Guide: Mr Sachin Turi


A automatated thermocol cutting machine is used to cut thermocol sheets .
As thermocol is widely used in decoration , making banners etc. Thermocol cutting machine
which we have designed has its major focus in making thermol pattern which can be used in
various manufacturing purposes. In this machine Thermocol sheet will be placed vertically in
the middle and will be cut by hot nicrome wire . We have used nicrome wire as it has
resistance to high temperature. As this machine is a 2d machine it has two drives in x and y ,
this will be achieved by a stepper motor. After each thermocol sheet is cut it will be stacked
up layer by layer to finally replicate a3d pattern.
There are many cnc machine to cut thermocol but they have lots of limitations , as its costly
,it generates lots of thermocol powder ,space requirement is more due to all this limitation
various small scale industries do not go with such machine .In various small scale industries
this process is either done manually or outsoursed. So we have our major target to small
scale industries.


The Hardware consist of Arduino and associated components. Data from the Arduino is
given to the stepper motor drives that controls the movement of
2-axis. Each axis is controlled by separate motor for up and down movement and linear
movement on axis. Motor uses pulley and belt system to move the drives to cut the
The base construction this machine is mode of t-slot aluminium profiles. The motion of each
axis is achieved by using linear bearing. Sliding on railing rods. We used 2 rods for each axis
sliding blocks will be 3D printed which will hold the linear bearings Sliding block will
accommodate 2 Linear bearing, rod and pulley for the belt.
for driving the sliding blocks we are using Stepper motor, threaded rod, pulley and belt
system, so we can evenly drive the 2 sliding blocks on each rail at same time.
The middle bracket is used to hold the thermocal in place.
Principle of this machine based on concept of Gantry movement.

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