iAC – IOT that makes Exiting Air Conditioners Energy Efficient

Unique Registration Number: 270

Name of Innovator/s: Shri Vishwesh Bhat, Shri Siddhesh Nayak

Name of Startup: SMDPower Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd

Address: Jai Mahalaxmi Society, Lane 8, Khadpaband, Ponda, Goa – 403401

Contact Number: 9326127275

Contact Email ID: vishwesh@smdp.in

Project Objective: To Make Air Conditioners Better Energy Efficient.


iAC is an IOT which controls Air Conditioners. It works on our cloud software in real time basis,

resulting in AC consuming 50% less of its electricity consumption by maintaining the same desired

room temperature.

Project Outcome/Result/Findings:

The Prototype developed is monitoring all the power and thermal data in real time. The control

hardware / IoT is ready and installed on an AC for initial trials.

Innovative Approach:

Once we introduce iAC in the market, the AC users can save on monthly electricity bills by just

having iAC for their ACs. They need not buy new Energy Efficient Star rated AC, spend huge capital

cost, to cut down their operational cost. For all AC users, iAC will be an economical option to

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