Innovator Name : Dr. Roshan Naik

Contact No: +91: 9503152848

Project Objective: Detect static electricity on surface


The static electricity detecting device is a research project focused on detecting static electricity
and determining the charge polarity. This project addresses the concept that static charges attract
dust particles, which can lead to surface contamination. The objective was to develop a device
capable of identifying the presence of static electricity and determining whether the charge is
positive or negative. Extensive research was conducted to explore different detection methods,
as well as techniques for determining charge polarity

Multiple circuit designs were created and tested, leading to the selection of the most effective
design. A prototype device was developed, allowing for simple testing and validation. The
final concept achieved the goal of detecting both low and high levels of static electricity, while
accurately determining the polarity. This device holds potential applications in diverse industries,
particularly in healthcare settings where the presence of static charge can attract bacteria-laden
dust particles

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