Dronile – Drone Missile Combo

Unique Registration Number: 317

Name of Applicant/s: Shri Debasis Doki, Shri John Srivastava

Name of Startup: AJ Defence System

Address: Saidatta Apartments, F10 Jeofil nagar, Ponda, Goa

Contact Number: 8275621713

Contact Email ID: sahil.debasis@gmail.com

Project Objective:

A Turbofan Based Missile capable of hovering at fixed location in DRONE MODE or SURVEILLANCE MODE and immediately switching to MISSILE MODE for destructing the target.


i. Communication gap and Human interference may lead to unnecessary brawl and man to

man miscommunication aggravating problems.

ii. Most often encountered problem is the time gap between a surveillance by drone –

command from base- launching of missile.

iii. Increasing the scope of surveillance by high range cameras.

iv. Eliminating wildlife/enemy threat for human soldiers in forested, mountain or wooded

areas. Local vendors with professions like videographers, photographers, surveillance face

difficulties in buying advance drone at higher cost, we aim to make it cost effective and


v. Battery backups have always been a matter of concern with current models available


vi. Long range areas take much time for surveys due to lack of speed.

Project Outcome/Result/Findings:

We have reached the stability part of the prototype and now Focusing on multiple testing to

make it scalable.

Innovative Approach:

i. Image Processing & AI-Based

ii. Auto enemy detection

iii. Fail Safe to come back to Launchpad.

iv. Fire & Forget and Manual Control

v. Immediate Mission Abort

vi. Switching To Drone Mode aborts missile mode and prevents harm to both target and the


vii. Lessens the chances of false aiming.

viii. No GPS, therefore cannot be tracked.

ix. Uses basic trigonometric calculations to analyze its position.

x. Vertical Take Off & Vertical Landing

xi. Altitude Hold For Surveillance & Mission Analysis

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