Design and Testing of Squat Analyser for Powerlifting Sport

Name of innovator/s:

Rushabh Karpe(L)

Chaitanya Ghosawi

Sujay Jalmi         


krishnakumar Gaonkar

Name of Guide: Dr Suraj Marathe


We are developing a device called (squat analyser)that will help  the performer with his sitting stage ,and won’t allow him to half squat .This is mostly designed for all the powerlifter of different body weight for practice sessions.We have chose this project after conducting a survey, which was mostly answered by national powerlifters and gym owners.They mostly practice without concentrating on their sitting stage so during the competition they struggle to clear their sitting stage and reson they (half squat) which lead to failure of their lift.Our device will help them during practice session by alerting them when they clear their sitting stage .

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