Automated robots for neural Kissan

Unique Registration Number: GSIC-561

Innovator Name:-

Sai Rane
Pranav Naik
Rhys Rodrigues
Kapil Pati

Contact No: +91 70200 09472

Project Objective:

The project objective of “Neural Kissan” is to facilitate plant growth in controlled environments,
such as indoor or greenhouse setups. By utilizing neural network algorithms and AI technologies,
the project aims to simplify the process of cultivating plants in contained environments, making
it more convenient and efficient for growers


“Neural Kissan” is an innovative project that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and neural
network algorithms to revolutionize plant cultivation in contained environments. The objective of this project is to create a system that simplifies and optimizes the process of growing plants indoors or in greenhouse setups.

By harnessing the power of AI, Neural Kissan aims to address the challenges faced by growers in controlled environments. The system utilizes neural network algorithms to analyze various factors affecting plant growth, such as temperature, humidity, lighting conditions, and nutrient levels. Through continuous monitoring and data analysis, Neural Kissan can provide real-time insights and recommendations to optimize plant growth and ensure optimal resource utilization.

The key focus of Neural Kissan is to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of plant
cultivation in contained environments. By automating and optimizing key aspects of the growing process, such as irrigation, lighting schedules, and nutrient delivery, Neural Kissan aims to make plant cultivation more accessible, efficient, and yield-focused.

Furthermore, Neural Kissan incorporates machine learning techniques to adapt and improve its recommendations over time. By continuously learning from data patterns and user feedback, the system can refine its algorithms and provide personalized guidance tailored to specific plant species and environmental conditions.

The Neural Kissan project holds great promise for the agriculture industry, offering a novel
approach to plant cultivation that reduces reliance on traditional farming methods and enables
year-round production. By leveraging AI and neural networks, Neural Kissan aims to empower
growers with advanced tools and insights, ultimately leading to higher crop yields, resource
efficiency, and sustainability in contained plant cultivation

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