Advance Detection of Cataract Surgery using AI

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Mr. Aditya Parulekar
Mr. Ashwin Martins
Mr. Miral Fernandes
Mr. Pratikesh Bhat

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Project Objective:

The key intention behind this work is to develop an inexpensive, robust and convenient algorithm which in along with suitable devices, to diagnose the presence of cataract from the images of eye.


One of the dominant causes of visual impairment worldwide is Cataract. It is one of those eye disorders that lead to blindness if not treated correctly and quickly. It causes a blurred and foggy vision which can lead to partial or complete loss of eyesight. A protein layer is developed
gradually and the lens becomes cloudy over a long period of time which reduces vision and leads to blindness. Early treatment can lessen the difficulties faced by cataract patients and avert visual impairment. People living in underdeveloped countries and rural areas cannot get
effective treatment in time due to scarcity of eye care services and resources. Additionally, the existing methods for cataract diagnosis are sophisticated and expensive. Considering the above scenario, cutting down the cost and simplifying the process of cataract diagnosis is important. Also, transportation and portability of the equipment(s) required is an important factor while diagnosing such a catastrophic disease. The goal of this paper is to study, analyze and put forth cataract detection methods and techniques using artificial intelligence. The proposed system is developed to ease the cataract diagnosis process for both ophthalmologists and patients.

Project Outcome/result/findings:

Following images is the result which we gained on this work along with its accuracy rate. Accuracy rate 83.333

Innovative Approach:

This work has a lot of approaches to be worked on and yet we have just barely reached the tip of the whole topic. What we can do to further make this project more successful is to implement in mobile application. This way we can make this project available to more of the people very easily.

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