10 surprisingly 3d print


It’s no secret that 3D printing has advanced significantly in recent years. 3D printing, which was formerly considered a specialist technology, is now mainstream, with printers accessible for purchase by average customers.

From manufacturing to medicine, 3D printing technology is being employed in a wide range of applications. And the number of objects that can be 3D printed is constantly expanding.

This article will examine ten surprisingly useful things at ten surprisingly useful things that you can 3D print. There’s something for everyone, from common stuff to nerdy devices!

1. Custom phone cases: Now create your own unique designs to print your own 3D phone case that matches your style and personality.

3D phone holder

2. Jewelry: 3D printing has enabled the creation of elaborate and delicate jewellery pieces that would otherwise be difficult to construct by hand.

3D printed jewellery

3. Prosthetics: Prosthetic limb production has been transformed by 3D printing, making them more inexpensive and customizable.

3D prosthetic limbs

4. Tools: Do you need a specific tool for a DIY project? Custom tools can be created using 3D printing on demand.

5. Replacement parts: Instead of purchasing an entirely new appliance or machine, 3D printing can provide replacement parts at a fraction of the cost.

replacement parts

6. Musical instruments: 3D printing has enabled the creation of unique and experimental musical instruments, as well as replacement parts for existing instruments.

3d printed music instrument

7. Customized orthotics: Orthotic insoles customised for an individual’s foot can be created using 3D printing, offering support and comfort.

3d customized orthotics

8. Gaming figurines: Gamers may 3D print their favourite characters and game elements to customize their gaming experience.

9. Home décor: From vases to one-of-a-kind lights, 3D printing opens us unlimited options for designing personalised home décor.

10. Medical models: 3D printing can make accurate models of organs and other medical structures, assisting medical personnel in surgery preparation and training medical students.

3D bioprinted organs


The potential for 3D printing is virtually unlimited, and as technology progresses, we should expect even more beneficial applications in the future.

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